Group Health Takaful

Group Health Takaful Plan covers healthcare cost of the employees on behalf of the employer.

Our Group Health Takaful enables you to provide your employees health and financial protection that they deserve at a feasible cost.

What is covered?

Any sickness, diseases, illness or accidental injury
Treatment from an Authorized Medical Centre
Territorial Limit: Maldives, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

How to get Group Health Takaful

The employer must request a proposal in writing. It must specify the details such as company name, number of staffs…etc along with the benefits that they would like to be incorporated in the plan. Then we will compare the proposed requirements with the plans we offer and provide you the most suitable option.

Please confirm the proposal in writing (letter or mail) and provide us the following documents:
Proposal Form
Current staff list
Enrollment Form (please attach the ID card or Passport Copy)
Passport Size Soft Copy Photo for each staff
Company Registration Copy
As new employees join, and existing staff are terminated during the year, you can inform us via the Endorsement Request so we can add and delete members after the policy begins. However, such requests can only be sent once a month and the Enrollment Form with the ID and photo must be submitted for new staff.

How will the medical expense be funded?

Presentation of Digital Insurance Card

Once the application is been processed, we will issue a Digital Insurance Card to each employee via our Mobile App. The employee will get cashless services upon the presentation of this card from the hospitals and medical centers registered under this scheme.


Employees can seek medication at their own expense and later claim for compensation.

What are the documents needed to claim?

The entire Paid Service Memo
All the Original prescriptions with the paid bills
All the Original/photocopy of the Tests with the paid memos
Original Used Ticket with the paid bill
All the other invoices directly related to the Medical Treatment

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