We aim to support communities and help them thrive through socially responsible responses. Our sponsorships primarily revolve around accelerating education and diversifying initiatives.


Allied looks to support initiatives that compliments our business values and objectives when evaluating sponsorships.
Allied evaluates proposals based on objectives and deliverables which are measurable and effective.
Brand exposure, product awareness and leveraging opportunities for Allied will be considered when finalizing sponsorship requests.

What we cannot sponsor

Events and activities that are in violation of the laws and societal norms of Republic of Maldives.
Activities that are related with unhealthy food, drinks, and tobacco products.
Political parties and related political events.
Applications from individuals.

Proposal Guidance

You may submit sponsorship proposals via email to [email protected]
Proposals must be submitted three weeks prior to planned event or activity.
Requesting parties will be contacted after our evaluation process is finalized and if the sponsorship request is approved.
Due to the high demand for sponsorships, we can only support a limited number requests every year.