Comprehensive Motor Insurance

What is covered?

Under the comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy, we are more than delighted to help you bear the following costs;

  • Damages caused to the Third Party motor vehicle/property.
  • Covers permanent or partial damages caused to the third person and yourself.
  • Also shall cover other damages including:
    • Damages by fire
    • Damages by a natural disaster
    • Malicious damages
    • Damages incurred during a strike or a riot
    • Theft



The premium charged under this policy varies according to the vehicle condition. The following factors are considered;

  • The age of your vehicle
  • The CC of your vehicle
  • Condition of your vehicle


What are the rates of compensation?

Our company’s policies are designed to cater for your needs during the cause of an accident. We will be providing you with the following compensations, per accident within your policy period.

  • A maximum cover of MVR 40000 for the motor vehicle damages of the third party.
  • A maximum cover of MVR 60000 for partial and permanent disabilities to the third party.
  • A maximum cover of the value of your vehicle for the your motor vehicle damages.
  • A maximum cover of MVR 60000 for partial and permanent disabilities you receive in the accident.


How will the repairs be made?

You may choose a preferable method at your convenience on how your vehicle can be repaired.

  • Make sure you collect three quotations from three different garages and when submitted to our company, we will finalize the most feasible option. Once the garage is being selected, you may repair from them and submit the bills to us for reimbursement.


  • Let our company assist with the vehicle repair by arrangements under our company.



Deductible is the portion of the claim under an insurance policy that you are liable to pay.

Our company will bear the costs above the deductible and below the sum assured (total cover of the policy).

Below is how deductibles are charged under our Comprehensive Insurance Policy;

*Note: “Insured” is referred to the person who obtains policy.

  • A deductible of    MVR 2500 will be charged on the property damage incurred by the Third Party.
  • No deductible will be charged on the partial or permanent damages incurred by the insured or the Third Party.
  • A deductible of MVR 1000 will be charged on the property damage of the insured.


Important to know

  • The compensation covers only permanent or partial damage incurred by the insured and the Third Party. . We shall not compensate for any other minor injuries.
  • In case of the death of the Third Party, we assure you the provision of the full compensation of MVR 60,000 to the Third Party individual’s family.
  • In case of death of the Insured, we assure you the provision of the full compensation of MVR 100,000 to the Insured’s family.


Submitting applications

When applying for Comprehensive Motor Insurance plan, along with a completed motor insurance form, a copy of your National ID card as well as a copy of your Vehicle Registration will be required.


When making a claim

The following are the procedures which shall be followed when submitting an insurance claim

  • Report immediately to Maldives Police Services and Allied Call Centre.
  • Do not repair the vehicle until instructed to do so by our company.
  • If any damage is caused to the vehicle/property, ensure to collect the accident report from Maldives Police Service.
  • Accident report would be ready within 48 hours of the accident.
  • A claim form shall be submitted. Along with this form an accident report and three quotations are required from three different garages.
  • Our examiners will do further analysis of the incident based on the presented documents to check how much to be paid as compensation.

Next Steps?

  • For further information Call: 1600 Email: [email protected]

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