Life Insurance

As human beings we are subject to risk of death due to natural causes and accident.

Death of a bread winner results in loss of income to the household. Apart from the personal loss family members face difficulty in maintaining the lifestyle they are used to. Life insurance policy comes to the rescue of the family by paying out the claim amount which can be used to meet immediate expenses and face the difficult times with confidence.

Life insurance provides following benefits:

  • Financial support to your family in event of your unfortunate demise
  • Accumulate a fund for higher education of your children
  • Plan for your old age through regular savings

What is Life Insurance? 

Cashback Plan

Cash Back Plan is a convenient way for you to save for the future and obtain regular cash flow.

Education Expenses Plan

Every parent aspires to provide the best possible education to his child. However the rising cost of living makes it difficult to balance the monthly budget. It is therefore necessary to start saving early to be able to afford the school expenses.

Individual Term Assurance Plan

Term Assurance will provide financial help to the family on the unfortunate demise of the Life Assured.


“Kamana” is a savings/protection plan with multiple benefits exclusively designed to cater to the short term and long term needs of women

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection Plan protects your family by repayment of the loan through policy proceeds in the event of death of borrower.

Ran Reyru

Ran Reyru is a three in one plan of Life Insurance which combines triple benefits of saving, liquidity and protection


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