Select Gold

Bridging the gap between our health insurance plans and quality healthcare, Select Gold Individual Health Plan is a premium health insurance plan tailored for the upmarket customer giving them the ultimate choice and the finest coverage options.


  • Completed and signed proposal form
  • Pre-Insurance Health Checkup list with reports
  • Medical Examination Certificate (Filled and authorized by a Medical Officer)
  • Copy of ID Card


Manual Submission:

Physical documents and claim form should be submitted to Allied Insurance Company

Online Submission:

Soft copies (scanned copy / photo) of medical documents submitted through our online portal (

No deductible

Reimbursement: Submitted medical bills can be reimburse, as per policy terms and conditions

Note: For overseas treatment airfare will be reimburse with the recommendation from authorized medical Centre from Maldives, for treatments unavailable in Maldives



The claim form should be submitted to Allied Insurance Company within 60 days of treatment with the following documents:

  • All the Original/ photocopy of Paid ServiceMemo/bills
  •  All the Original/ photocopy of prescriptions (medical documents)
  •  All the Original / photocopy of the reports
  •  Original/ photocopy of Used Ticket with the paidbill
  •  All the other invoices directly related to the MedicalTreatments
  •  Discharge summery / medical report (for Inpatient treatments)


Emergency medical evacuation ( Overseas) 550,000
Daily room & board (Max. 90 days)   5,000
Intensive care unit (Max. 30 days) Upto Overall Limit 
Hospital supplies & services  Upto Overall Limit 
Operating theatre  Upto Overall Limit 
Surgical expenses comprising  (excluding organ transplantation)  
 - Pre-surgical diagnostic services  Upto Overall Limit 
 - Pre-surgical specialist consultation, surgical fees Upto Overall Limit 
 - Anesthetist’s fees and surgeon fees Upto Overall Limit 
Medical expenses for non-surgical treatment, comprising  
 - Pre-hospitalization diagnostic services Upto Overall Limit 
 - Pre-hospitalization specialist consultation  Upto Overall Limit 
 - Daily In-hospital physician's visits (Max. 60 days) Upto Overall Limit 
 - Emergency medical evacuation (Local) 50,000
Outpatient diagnostic services Upto Outpatient Limit
Outpatient consultation Upto Outpatient Limit
Outpatient prescription Upto Outpatient Limit
Outpatient dental treatment 10,000
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS (Inpatient and Outpatient)
 - Post hospitalization treatment excluding outpatient prescription medicine Upto Overall Limit 
 - Post hospitalization outpatient prescription medicine 250,000
 - Pregnancy (Inpatient) 25,000
 - New Born Limit (Inpatient and Outpatient) 18,500
 - Accidental dental treatment (Inpatient and Outpatient) 250,000
 - Organ transplantation (Lifetime) 350,000
 - Pre-existing Illness  (Upon declaration and subject to acceptance of condition)  200,000
 - Spectacles 2,500



Benefits Summary

Territorial Limit Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia Singapore and United Arab Emirates
Airfare For overseas treatment, maximum MVR 10,000.00 for the airfare of the insured will be reimbursed upon recommendation from a Maldivian government authorized medical doctor, if the treatment is unavailable from Maldives and, Insured is entitled to any number of airfare throughout the policy period if insured is eligible
Maximum Age of Enrolment 59 years and renewable up to age 66 years
Coverage Medical bills incurred as inpatient or outpatient treatment
Coinsurance: Category A: 40% Co-Insurance from each and every claim
Category A: 35% Co-Insurance from each and every claim
Category B:  25% Co-Insurance from each and every claim
Category C: 15% Co-Insurance from each and every claim
* Refer to the following Authorized Medical Centers Panel
Waiting Period 30 Days waiting period for new members
(This shall not be applicable  after the first year of cover)
Pre-Existing Illness Upon declaration and subject to acceptance of condition
(Pre-Existing Illness will be Covered after one year)
Claim Period The claim form along with the medical documents should be submitted to Allied Insurance no later than 60 days. Claims will be reimbursed within 14 days



AGE BAND IP OP (Optional) Total
00 - 29  16,200 8,000 24,200
30 - 39 19,100 8,400 27,500
40 - 49 23,900 9,500 33,400
50 - 59 23,900 11,600 46,400
60 - 66 (Renewal Only) 49,000 14,900 63,900


Next Steps?

News and Updates

  • Allied Insurance strengthens their CSR Initiative with New Pledges

    Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives launches new pledges under CSR initiative “Green for Good”. Reaffirming commitment for an environment friendly workspace. The new pledges were launched at the Opening Ceremony of 10to10 Dive held in Angsana Ihuru by Banyan Tree Group’s Sustainability Director and Banyan Tree Global Foundation’s Coordinating Director Dr. Steve Newman.

    August 31st, 2019
  • Ayady Takaful commences “2017 Surplus Distribution”

    Allied Islamic window; Ayady Takaful holds a press briefing session regarding “Distribution of Surplus” for the year 2017. As announced at Allied Special Event 2019, Ayady customers can submit claim forms till 31st March 2019, 4pm. Surplus application forms will be available online from Ayady website; as well as from Ayady Customer front office located in H.Orchid (In front of Velaanaage)

    February 11th, 2019
  • Allied Insurance Company welcomes New Managing Director Mr. Mohamed Shafaz

    State Trading Organization plc appoints Mr. Mohamed Shafaz as the new Managing Director of Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives, effective from 31st January 2019. The appointment was made following the resignation of former Managing Director Mr. Ahmed Ameel.

    January 31st, 2019