Expatriate Insurance

For people working overseas, whether it is for individual, family, groups or company, there can be numerous hidden pitfalls concerning healthcare. Allied Expatriate Policy minimizes healthcare cost incurred by expatriates living and working in Maldives.


  • Inpatient Health Cover

                         Inpatient: Health Insurance coverage from Government Medical Centers (100% cov­ered) and from listed Private Hospitals with 15% co-payment    

                         Inpatient ward only / private room (excluded) 

                         Pre-existing medical conditions are covered 

                         The empaneled Hospitals will provide cashless service 

                         To obtain service, work permit card must be presented 

                         Territorial limit: Maldives only 

  • Life Insurance

                        When a covered injury or sickness results in loss of life of an insured person, the insurer will pay for the preparation and the transportation of the mortal remains of the insured person from the place of death to the country of permanent residence, or for the preparation and local burial of the mortal remains of an insured person. If mortal remains is buried within Maldives, the beneficiaries will be given a cash benefit of MVR 30,000

                        The above benefits would be arranged if only loss of life occurs within Maldives. 


Documents required for application

  • Completed Proposal Form
  • Copy of employee's EA (Employment Approval)
  • Copy of passport and visa application form (Other visa holders)


SURGICAL BENEFITS (upto overall limit) MEDICAL BENEFITS (upto overall limit)

Surgical expenses comprising the following(but excluding organ transplantation)

  • Pre-surgical diagnostic services 

Medical expenses for non-surgical treatment, comprising

  • Pre-hospital diagnostic services
  • Pre-surgical specialist consultation fees 
  • Pre-hospitalisation specialist consultation 
  • Anaesthetist’s fees 
  • Daily in-hospital physician’s visits (max. 60 days)
  • Post hospitalisation treatment (within 31 days from discharge)



Life insurance sum assured (death cover: if the mortal remains are buried with in Maldives) 30,000
Repatriation or burial with in Maldives (if loss of life occurs with in Maldives)  The total cost




Mandatory Cover (Inpatient health cover and repatriation) 550 


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