Personal Insurance

There is nothing quite as important as creating a safety net to help yourself in what is usually the most difficult time in your life. We offer a wide array of insurance products for you and your family that would support you in such difficult times.

Our insurance products are designed to provide protection and security for you, your loved ones and your assets. Consider our insurance covers in case the worst should happen, because the alternative is unthinkable.


Enjoy a sense of complete security for you and your vehicle while safeguarding yourself against third party claims on the road.


Insure the building of your home, so that you don’t have to pay for damage and losses. Provided through our Islamic Window Ayady Takaful

Allied Inbound

Travel to Maldives? Your safety is our first priority.


Explore our simple and flexible Insurance for travelers. Buy at home or while traveling, and report claim from anywhere in the world. Provided through our Islamic Window Ayady Takaful.

Marine Hull

Cover potential loss or damage to the hull, engine, machinery & equipment of your vessels against risks connected with navigational operations.


Unforeseeable happenings while diving may occur anytime. Explore our Dive insurance plans before you dive and explore the deep blue ocean.


Keep away from your worries from rapidly increasing healthcare costs from unexpected health problems and catastrophic illness with our health insurance plans to protect you and your family.

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It’s best to be prepared. Protect your home and businesses with our Fire Insurance Plan

Fire Insurance provides protection for losses to property such as buildings, contents, furniture, plant, and machinery as well as stock.
Life Insurance

Travelling to Maldives? Your safety is our priority

Allied Inbound Insurance ensures your safety and peace of mind during your vacation at the time of Covid-19. This plan covers you for specific expenses you may incur due to a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 while you are in Maldives.

Choose this plan prior to your journey and enjoy your holiday in the Maldives with assurance of safety and peace of mind.

Secondary School Expenses Plan

Our “Secondary School Expenses” plan is specially designed to help every parent save regularly in the formative years of the child and draw assured annual cash benefits during the school going age.
Life Insurance