Opening of New Corporate Office of Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

Opening of New Corporate Office of Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

The company held the new office opening at the new corporate office located at Fen Building, 2nd Floor, at 8.00 am on 24th January 2011.

The opening ceremony was inaugurated by the Chief Guest; Hon. Ahmed Asad, Minister of State Finance and Treasury. Distinguished guests of the ceremony included senior officials of Maldives Monetary Authority, State Trading Organization Plc, S.T.O. Subsidiaries Companies and Maldives Water and Sewerage Company.

During the ceremony, short speeches were delivered by both Chief Guest and Allied’ Managing Director. Speaking at the function Chief Guest Mr.Ahmed Asad remarked that each individual has their expectations and hopes for the new office and he urged the management not to forget the hopes of the company which is to bring an improvement to the services offered by the company to the market.

A new product called Cash Back Policy under Life Insurance was launched at the function and the Chief Guest praised the effort and highlighted the importance of insurance and how it’s a good measure of protection from losses and possible risks in the future.

Continuing Managing Director Mr.Abdul Wahid Thowfeeq explained in the past limited space has been a challenge for the management and the staff. The new office was opened with the theme A new beginning, a new experience. Further, he said that through a better work environment and a new system of working, customers will get faster and better quality of service.

All services except health and expatriates insurance will be available at this office, Fen Building, 2nd Floor.

Offices of Allied Insurance are:

  • Corporate Office: Fen Building, 2nd Floor Ma.
  • Health Insurance and Information Systems: S.T.O. Trade Centre, 1st Floor M.
  • Addu Branch: Dheydharuge, 1st Floor, S. Maradhoo Feydhoo

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