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25 July 2012

Annual General Meeting 2012

The company held its 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 29th March 2012. Except for Mr. Ahmed Niyaz all the other directors attended the meeting. »

24 July 2012

Allied in Semi- Club Maldives Cup 2012

Allied played against MPA in the Semi-Finals of club Maldives Cup 2012. »

24 July 2012

Signing of Aasandha Company

In order to provide its service to a wider market, Allied Insurance Company signed an agreement with the Government of Maldives on 20th September 2011 to form a joint venture company 'Aasandha Pvt. Ltd'. »

24 July 2012

Allied celebrates its 27 years of service

The company celebrated its 27th Anniversary on the 30th of January 2012. To celebrate our 27 of service a staff gathering was held at our corporate office bringing together all the staffs of Allied Insurance. »

24 July 2012

Allied Interns Show

Allied Insurance has shaped its very own reality TV Show "The Interns". Through this show we wish to create a professional platform for a selected group of students studying at all major academic institution in Maldives. »

24 July 2012

BML Bill Pay for Allied Life Insurance Customers

Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives Launches BML BillPAY Service to its Life Insurance Customers on 05th Feb 2012. »

24 July 2012

Dan Dive Insurance

In union with Divers Alert Network (DAN), Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives Pvt. Ltd has launched its newest product; DAN Divers Insurance. »

News and Updates