Allied Insurance kickstarts Annual Road Safety Campaign with Maldives Police Service

At a press conference held in Iskandharu Koshi today, Allied Insurance and Maldives Police Service jointly announces the revival of Annual Road Safety Campaign “Rakka” for the year 2021.

Held in different parts of the country, Rakka Campaign has evidently brought a positive change in creating awareness about Traffic regulations and Road Safety measures. This year’s campaign aimed to deliver the similar results and has been redesigned to fit the current status of the country. Hence, this year’s campaign has been confirmed to begin with a virtual run ensuring physical distancing from one another. Participation opportunity has now been opened for the free run and deadline has been set for 31st December 2020. Registration process can be completed from “Run for Maldives” website.

Adhering to the new measures set by the HEOC, Maldives Police Service informs that this year’s campaign will be shortened for 6 months. However, both parties aim to achieve the objectives via development of captivating video clips, role plays and placement of billboards in ideal locations of the city.

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