Marine Hull

Cover potential loss or damage to the hull, engine, machinery & equipment of your vessels against risks connected with navigational operations.

Types of Coverage

Institute time clauses hulls - total loss only
Institute time clauses hulls – full cover
Both coverages include salvage, salvage charges and sue and labor.

Types of Coverage

Institute Time Clauses Hulls
(Total Loss Only)
Institute Time Clauses Hulls
(Full Cover)
This insurance covers actual or constructive total loss of your vessel caused by:This insurance covers partial losses or total loss of your vessel caused by
Perils of the seas rivers lakes or other navigable waters
Violent theft by persons from outside the Vessel
Fire, Explosion
Breakdown of or accident to nuclear installations or reactors
Contact with aircraft or similar objects, or objects falling therefrom, land conveyance, dock or harbour equipment or installation
Earthquake, Volcanic eruption or lightning.
Accidents in loading discharging or shifting cargo or fuel
Bursting of boilers breakage of shafts or any latent defect in the machinery or hull
Negligence of Master Officers Crew or Pilots
Negligence of repairers or charterers provided such repairers or charterers are not an Assured hereunder
Barratry of Master Officers or Crew provided such loss or damage has not resulted from want of due diligence by the Assured, Owners or Managers.


War & Strike
Malicious Acts
Weapon of war employing atomic or nuclear fission and/or fusion or other like reaction or radioactive force or matter

Optional Coverage

(Subjected to additional premium)
Passenger liability
Covers loss of life, bodily injury and property damage of passengers.

How to Claim

Inform Allied Insurance Company immediately after the incident:
Call Customer Care Toll Free 1600
Emailing to: [email protected]
Visit MyAllied

Important instructions

1. Make sure you take all necessary action to minimize the losses.

2. In the event of a fire, a collision involving a third party, burglary/theft or malicious damage, you must notify Maldives Police Services as soon as possible and obtain a police report.

3. Repair works should be carried out with our approval.

4. All damaged items should be preserved for inspection.

5. Do not admit liability at any point or offer to settle the claim unless you have obtained the written consent from us.

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