Fidelity Guarantee

Covers and minimizes the losses businesses may incur from fraud and stealing in the workplace.

Fraud and stealing in the workplace are on the rise, occurring even in the best work environments. The employers are at risk of huge financial loss which may occur from the dishonesty of employees.

So, it is important for a business to ensure a way of compensating for these losses which might affect the business negatively. Fidelity Guarantee insurance can help to minimize and cover the losses.

What can be insured?

The Fidelity Guarantee insurance is able to mitigate employee infidelity risk by providing indemnity to the employer against loss of money or property as a result of acts of fraud or dishonesty of any employees such as forgery, embezzlement, larceny or fraudulent conversion.

Types of Cover

We will indemnify you against a direct pecuniary loss caused by an act of fraud or dishonesty of any employee named or described in the certificate. Cover can be arranged on all or selected employees on the following basis:
Named basis with specific guarantee amount for each employee.
Named basis which guarantee amount floating for all employees.
Unnamed basis with guarantee amount floating for all employees in the employment of the insured.


This policy does not cover the following:
Loss caused by unidentified employee.
Any indirect or consequential loss
Any third-party losses
Loss due to war & terrorism.
Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by nuclear weapons.

Extension (Optional Cover)

Policy can be extended to include the following coverages subject to additional premium.
Unidentifiable Employees clause
Unsuccessful prosecution clause

How to Claim

Inform Allied Insurance Company immediately after the incident:
Call Customer Care Toll Free 1600
Emailing to: [email protected]
Visit MyAllied

Important instructions

1. In the event of a loss, you must notify the police as soon as possible and obtain a police report.

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