Expatriate Plus

Minimizes healthcare costs incurred by expatriates and assures them protection while living and working in Maldives.

For people working overseas, whether it is for individual, family, groups or company, there can be numerous hidden pitfalls concerning healthcare. Allied Expatriate Health Insurance minimizes healthcare cost incurred by expatriates living and working in Maldives.

What is covered?

Inpatient Cover
Local inpatient health insurance coverage from government medical centers and listed private medical centers upto a maximum of MVR 100,000. This cover includes pre-existing illnesses and excludes private room accommodation at the hospital.
Outpatient Cover
An insured person will receive local outpatient health insurance coverage including consultation fee from Authorized Medical Centre’s up to a maximum of MVR 2,000.
Repatriation Cover
Repatriation cost of mortal remains to his/her home country from Maldives or burial cost within the Maldives (if loss of life occurs within the Maldives) up to the overall Limit.


Inpatient Cover:

Government Medical Centers: Nil Co-payment
Private Medical Centers: 15% Co-payment from each & every claim

Outpatient Cover:

Government Medical Centers: 5% Co-payment
Private Medical Centers: 15% Co-payment from each & every claim

Schedule of benefits:


Main Exclusions of this policy are but not limited to:
Abortion (unless it is a medical termination of pregnancy), infertility and all complications arising therefrom.
Conditions arising from surgical, mechanical, or chemical contraceptive methods of birth control.
Non-Authorized Medical Centre, Nursing Care, rest cures or sanitaria care, treatment arising from any geriatric, psycho-geriatric or psychiatric condition, treatment of alcohol dependence syndrome and drug addiction & abuse.

Sickness or disease directly or indirectly arising from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or any HIV/AIDS related condition.

Suicide or attempted suicide, self-inflicted injuries, self-destruction, or any attempt thereat while sane or insane.
Medical Expenses/Treatment from any country other than Republic of Maldives.
Private room accommodation in the hospital.

Documents Required for Application

Completed Proposal Form