Travelling to Maldives? Your safety is our priority.

While Maldives is welcoming tourists with open arms but from a distance, we want to ensure that all the right safety measures are in place for you.

Introducing Allied Inbound Insurance that covers you for specific expenses you may incur due to a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 while on holiday in paradise. Choose this plan prior to your journey and enjoy your holiday in the Maldives with assurance of safety and peace of mind.

Your policy at a glance

What's Covered?

Isolation Facility Charges

In the event of a guest to be isolated following a positive diagnosis for Covid-19 during your stay in Maldives, the isolation facility charges will be covered up to the amount shown on the plan you have chosen per day for a maximum of 14 days. The policy will only cover isolation centers which have been designated by Health Protection Agency of the Maldives.

Emergency Medical Expenses

Following a positive diagnosis for Covid-19 during your trip, medical, phar- maceutical and hospital expenses incurred by you on medical prescription as well as ambulance expenses to the nearest medical center will be cov- ered.

Transportation Charges

Following a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 while you are in Maldives, we will pay for any reasonable and customary costs incurred for travelling by sea to a specific isolation facility or medical facility up to the maximum amount shown on the Plan you have chosen.


In the unfortunate event of death, as a result of medical complication related to COVID-19 during your trip, the reasonable costs incurred in Maldives for arrangement of mortuary and burial services in the Maldives will be covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

This policy must be purchased prior to arrival in the Maldives.

Any tourist visiting the Maldives to stay in a resort hotel, guesthouse, safari boat or a city hotel.

Yes. To get cashless service the insured has to inform via email to [email protected] or contact Customer Service 1600, upon being tested positive for COVID19

You can get this policy online instantly.

No. However, this is an insurance designed to cover the isolation facility charges, medical expenses, transportation to isolation or medical centers and an interment cover for tourists travelling to Maldives, when/if the insured is tested positive for COVID-19.

Policy Availabilty

This policy is only available to visitors of the republic of Maldives, who are not a citizen or do not have a valid resident status of the country.

This policy is available to all tourists irrespective of their age.

Tourist should purchase the insurance prior to their arrival in the Maldives.

The insured MUST have a negative Covid-19 PCR test within 96 hours prior to arrival in the Maldives.

Policy Availabilty

Standard exclusions of this insurance are but not limited to;

Your own unlawful action or any criminal proceedings against you.

Consequential losses of any kind.

Loss by delay.

Terrorism & war.

Nuclear and radioactive risks.

Your suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental or nervous disorder.

Any nonmedical charges incurred if your trip has to be extended.

Any claim arising from a reason not listed in the ‘What is covered’ section.

How to report a claim

Inform Allied Insurance Company immediately of a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 by:
Call Customer Care Local Toll Free 1600
Calling customer care at +960 3300033 for international callers
Emailing to: [email protected]
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