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We have made the Allied claim process as fast and easy for you as possible.

Claim Online
Log on to or if you are a corporate customer log on to the corporate customer portal.
Claim by Phone
Call us on 1600 locally or +9603300033 internationally.
Claim by Email
For General Claims email us on [email protected]

File your claim, knowing that we are always here to help along the way.

With Allied Enjoy the Maldives first Digital Health Claims Service

Any company that has a group health insurance policy from Allied can ask their employees to simply log on to and lodge their own claims and track them.


Gone are the days when HR managers must sift through hundreds of employee medical bills and fill out claim forms and wait for over a month and half to get employees their money reimbursed.

Ensuring the best value promise of the best covers in the market

In the Year 2020, We Paid Claims in Total of

MVR 100000000

Understand the Claims Process

Each claim is different, but most follow these basic steps.

File your claim
Whether you file online, via the phone, or email, we’ll provide you with clear next steps and any other additional information we will need.
Review damages
All damage needs to be documented; in some cases, only photos are needed, while others may require an in-person survey or a third party opinion..
Receive estimates and schedule repairs
Once the quotations and invoices are provided, we will assess and decide on the amount of money that it will take to repair or replace your property.
Finalize your claim
After the assessment of your claim by our team, we will make you the final offer. Get paid the money that you are owed, minus the deductions applicable under the policy, and get back on your feet quickly
Review your coverages
Post-claim is the perfect time to review your coverages. Use your claims experience to ensure you are completely covered in the event of another incident.

Why Submit Claims Online?

Fast & Paperless
It typically takes less than 10-15 minutes to complete filing your claim.
Available 24/7
You can file your claim online at any time, with no holds or wait times.
You can easily track and manage your claim online.

What you will need to file a claim online?

We have worked to make filing online as simple as possible. So, we’ll just need the very basics to begin:

NID Number & Mobile Number
Your Insurance Policy Number
Date & Location of the incident
With general details of what happened

File your claim, knowing that we are always here to help along the way.