Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fraud and stealing in the workplace is on the rise, occurring in even the best work environments. The employers are at risk of huge financial loss which may occur from dishonesty of employees.

So it is important for a business to ensure a way of compensating these losses which might affect the business negatively. Fidelity Guarantee insurance can help to minimize and cover the losses.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance provides coverage against any direct financial loss sustained by the employer through acts of fraud, dishonesty, forgery or theft committed by his employees in connection with their occupation and duties. This insurance is targeted to cover loss of monies or real properties and merchandise of the employer through dishonest acts of its own employees such as cashiers, finance or sales personnel and other such employees.

Type of covers

Cover can be arranged on all or selected employees on the following basis:

  • Named basis with specific guarantee amount for each employee
  • Named basis which guarantee amount floating for all employees
  • Unnamed basis with guarantee amount floating for all employees in the employment of the insured. 

What is covered?

  • Employee theft
  • Money and securities while on premises or in transit
  • Funds transfer fraud
  • Computer fraud

Next Steps?

News and Updates

  • Allied Insurance strengthens their CSR Initiative with New Pledges

    Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives launches new pledges under CSR initiative “Green for Good”. Reaffirming commitment for an environment friendly workspace. The new pledges were launched at the Opening Ceremony of 10to10 Dive held in Angsana Ihuru by Banyan Tree Group’s Sustainability Director and Banyan Tree Global Foundation’s Coordinating Director Dr. Steve Newman.

    August 31st, 2019
  • Ayady Takaful commences “2017 Surplus Distribution”

    Allied Islamic window; Ayady Takaful holds a press briefing session regarding “Distribution of Surplus” for the year 2017. As announced at Allied Special Event 2019, Ayady customers can submit claim forms till 31st March 2019, 4pm. Surplus application forms will be available online from Ayady website; as well as from Ayady Customer front office located in H.Orchid (In front of Velaanaage)

    February 11th, 2019
  • Allied Insurance Company welcomes New Managing Director Mr. Mohamed Shafaz

    State Trading Organization plc appoints Mr. Mohamed Shafaz as the new Managing Director of Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives, effective from 31st January 2019. The appointment was made following the resignation of former Managing Director Mr. Ahmed Ameel.

    January 31st, 2019