Erection All Risks Insurance

EAR insurance policy offers insurance against financial losses and material damage due to sudden, unexpected events which can cause total or partial damage to the insured property during erection works.

The Erection All Risks policy covers loss or damage to the contract works, predominately erection of machinery coupled with testing including legal liability to third parties, arising out to the performance of the contract.

The works usually comprise of the installation, testing and commissioning of plant, machinery or equipment.

The EAR insurance policy provides cover for:

  • Site erection of all kind of:
    • Individual machines, apparatus and assemblies
    • Complete power facilities and production plants where the above said items are used.
  • Civil engineering work necessary for the project to be erected
  • In addition, the cover may include:
    • Machinery, plant and equipment required for erection
    • Property located on the site, belonging to or held in care, custody or control of the insured
    • Expenses incurred for the clearance of debris following a loss
    • Additional expenses incurred for overtime, as well as for express freight

Legal liability arising out of property damage or bodily injury suffered by third parties and occurring in connection with the erection work or near the erection site. 

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