Electronic Equipment/Computer Insurance

Improving technology has provided business with better means of running the day to day activities efficiently and conveniently. Not only business data can be easily recorded and collected using the electronic equipments such as computer, it also enables workers to communicate efficiently and become more productive in their work.

Since businesses are very much dependent on these equipments, it is wise to provide for a method to cover losses or business interruption which might occur when these equipment are exposed to unforeseen risks. 

The Electronic Equipment Insurance covers loss or damage to the electronic equipment/computer and its data carrying media. The costs of rebuilding of the data following damage to the computer and with the option to cover business interruption arising from damage to the computer can be covered. On business interruption, the coverage could be in respect of increased cost of working, loss of revenue or loss of gross profit.

The equipments that are of within the range of low and medium power are included but not limited to:

  • Electronic data processing systems and equipment
  • Electrical and radiation (electro-medical) such as body scanners
  • Communication facilities – media equipment, telephone exchanges


Types of cover

Section I: Material Damage/Physical Damage: This section provides cover on all risks basis to any physical loss or damage to the items insured unless specifically excluded

Section II: Data Media Cover: This section provides cover on a first loss basis for both the material value of the data media and the costs of reprocessing and restoring lost information due to physical loss or damage.

Section III: Increase Cost of Working/Extra Expense Cover: The section covers for expenses such as hire charges, transport charges for data media and personnel, expenses for accommodation away from base, out of business hours’ charges or work on holidays.

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