Business Insurance

We offer high-precision insurance solutions to address a wide range of business needs. We believe insurance should have a tight fit with your business needs benefiting you and your employees. Our products are designed to meet those needs.

Fire & Additional Perils

Safeguards buildings and houses against the risk of fire and other such perils.

Group Health

Enables businesses to provide employees with the health and financial protection that they deserve, at a feasible cost.


Minimizes healthcare costs incurred by expatriates and assures them protection while living and working in Maldives.

Expatriate Plus

Minimizes healthcare costs incurred by expatriates and assures them protection while living and working in Maldives.

Marine Hull

Covers loss or damage to the hull, engine, machinery & equipment of vessels against risks connected with its navigational operations.

Contractors All Risks

Helps businesses overcome the financial loss from unforeseen events that cause severe damage during construction.


Indemnifies losses businesses may encounter while building marine vessels.

Boat Building

Indemnifies losses businesses may encounter while building marine vessels.

Consequential Loss

Compensates for lost income if your business has to vacate the premises due to any peril covered under the existing fire insurance policy.

Erection All Risks

Offers protection against losses and damage due to sudden, unexpected events which cause total or partial damage during erection works.

Fidelity Guarantee

Covers and minimizes the losses businesses may incur from fraud and stealing in the workplace.

Guest House

Enjoy complete coverage and peace of mind with the Maldives finest Guest House Insurance packages.

Electronic Equipment

Helps cover losses or business interruption which might occur when electronic equipment is exposed to unforeseen risks.

Group Term Assurance

Covers the lives of employees, and can be an addition to the employee welfare package to attract talented employees and retain them in service.

Group Personal Accident

Ensures the safety of your employees in sudden unforeseen accidents at the workplace.

Professional Indemnity

Provides protection to people from the risks of professional liability as they carry out their professional duties.

Key Person

Helps businesses recover the loss they may undergo following premature death or total permanent disability of key persons of the business.

Machinery Breakdown

Provides businesses with protection against sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to machinery.


Provides protection to Dive Centers and designated diving businesses with Divers Alert Network DAN Dive Insurance Plans.

Public Liability

Protects businesses against the financial risk of being found liable for death or injury, loss or damage of property or loss resulting from negligence.

Our Top Clients

Life Insurance

Looking to insure your Resort or Hotel operation?

Whether you’re looking to insure your existing resort or hotel operation, or seeking insurance for your glorious new resort or hotel, we’ve got you covered with the best insurance plans for the hospitality industry.

Largest Insurance Capacity in the Maldives

We are backed by the world’s leading reinsurance companies. With long standing relationships, our Reinsurance Treaties are well protected and our local presence much strengthened, while making us more knowledgeable on the relevant market segments and risk conditions. Having A-rated reinsurers supporting us, the company, over the years have built a huge capacity which is unmatched in the market.

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