Allied Celebrates 28 Years of Service

Allied Celebrates 28 Years of Service

Allied Insurance Company celebrated its 28th years of service on the 30thof of January 2013. The celebrations were held on 31st January which began with the Inauguration ceremony held to open the new Customer Service Office on the 3rd floor of the Fen building.

Board members of the company, invitees from State Trading Organization (S.T.O), senior staff of the company and other media officials participated in this ceremony. The Chief Guest of this ceremony was Ms.Sana Mansoor, the Chairman of Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives.

The New Customer Service Office was inaugurated by the Chairman of State Trading Organization (S.T.O), Mr. Abdulla Faiz. Speaking in the ceremony, the chairman of Allied, Ms. Sana Mansoor stated that among the subsidiaries of STO, Allied Insurance Company has been one of the best performing company. She also highlighted that, during the past 28 years of the Allied’s history, last year had been the most successful.

Mr.Abdul Wahid Thowfeeq, Managing Director of Allied also spoke in the ceremony. He noted that the opening of the new office has been a great milestone for the operations of the company.

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