Social Responsibility

Our business is to protect people over the long term.

In this business, trust and strong relationships are paramount. We believe this trust and goodwill we carry along with our core business can only be maintained by valuing our Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is one fundamental dynamic of our business. We believe connecting with our community and our stakeholders is not just a business concept. It’s a mission we ought to carry on.

It is our sense of duty to play an important role in protecting the environment, supporting the community in which we operate, and more broadly helping to create a more aware and a more educated business ecosystem.

Our CSR initiatives adhere on creating and maintaining a strong relationship with our community, long-term business retention and becoming the preferred company for our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

News and Updates

  • Allied Insurance wins the title “Business of the Year 2018”

    Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives receives the high recognition of “Business of the Year Award” at Maldives Business Awards 2018. Organized by Blazon Pvt, the event was held in Paradise Island Resort with invitees from all business sectors.

    December 23rd, 2018
  • Allied Insurance Islamic window; Ayady Takaful wins IFFSA Gold Award

    Islamic window of Allied Insurance Company Ayady Takaful wins the prestigious IFFSA Gold awards at the 3rd Islamic Finance Forum of South Asian Region, held in Sri-Lanka on 23rd October 2018. The Gold Award was presented to General Manager of Ayady Takaful Mr.Firushan Ibrahim, as an acknowledgement for the invaluable contributions by Ayady Takaful for the Islamic Financial sector.

    October 24th, 2018
  • Allied Insurance handovers multiple donations under CSR initiative; “Premium for Good”

    Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives extends financial support for Jamaluddin School Digitalization Program, Imaduddin School Digitalization Program and Ghiyasuddin School Raspberry-pi Extension Project, under its CSR initiative; Premium for Good.

    August 27th, 2018